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Three Advantages Of Using Gate Valve

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Nowadays, a kind of tool that must be used in pipeline management is gate valve, which is caused by gate valve that can effectively control the flow medium. In today's life, with its unique advantages, gate valves become the preferred fittings for many enterprises that need pipeline water control. With consumers' understanding of gate valves, it is not difficult to find that gate valves have the following advantages in use.

One; good airtight

Many consumers choose through the stable performance of the valve is the main reason of the flow control is a better airtight gate. This is because the gate valve is a direct lifting of the vertical movement of the pipeline closed treatment, this approach can ensure the raft valve not by the impact of water flow in the long-term use and have a gap, this is an excellent sealing performance of other valve accessories incomparable.

Two; it is more convenient to use

Consumers choose gate valves on the other hand because the opening and closing of gate valves are more labor-saving, which is because the direction of raft movement is perpendicular to the direction of media flow, so the flow resistance is smaller. Consumers are more convenient to open and close after installing a stable gate valve, which is convenient and laborsaving for many consumers.

Three; the installation is more simple

Generally speaking, in order to meet the purpose of simple installation, the gate valve body usually is simple and the structure is single. Therefore, when installing, you need to install the gate valve through welding or flange connection. And the specialized gate valve manufacturer has already formed an integrated production mode, so there is no need to debug the equipment during installation. It only needs to be installed at the relevant pipeline installation place.

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