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Precautions For Installing Gate Valve

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Gate valves are widely used in pipe flow control nowadays, and common gate valves on the market are opened and closed by vertical lifting valve plates. With the valve in the life of the use scope is more and more broad consumer is not difficult to find, in the use of the valve can have better sealing and opening effect, with the installation of stable performance of the valve has become a common phenomenon, many people on matters related to the installation of gate valve has a certain understanding but in order to ensure better installation must pay attention to the following installation:

1. Pay attention to the installation angle of the valve

One of the construction workers have experienced will understand the valve when installation angle is very important, for gate vertically installed in the installation, this is because the valve plate is vertically installed to ensure a minimum flow resistance to use, also can ensure the operation of the valve stem can be fast and convenient, the consumers in the use of the valve is due to vertical the angle of the operating space is more and more widely, so the use is more feasible operation.

Two; pay attention to the quality of the procuratorial valve

The most important duty of the gate valve is to cut off the flow. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the gate valve has excellent sealing property when it is used. This requires consumers to first check whether the quality problem of the gate valve is guaranteed when installing the gate valve. Specifically, we should pay attention to these details by checking whether there are cracks on the surface of the gate valve and how to seal the valve plate, so that we can ensure that the sealing capacity of the gate valve is better, and that the service life of the gate valve will be longer.

Three; pay attention to the way of safety

General installation performance stable valve needs through the flange connection, but if the occasion is some water impact can be used welding connection, which can effectively ensure the anti impact ability of water gate, consumers can choose different installation modes according to the gate valve installation range.

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