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How To Choose The Correct Stop Valve

- Dec 14, 2017 -

It is normal to see the use of cut-off valves in life, but how to choose a good cut-off valve is believed to be difficult for many. The globe valve has not been selected properly. Corrosion or leakage will bring many troubles to the household water pipes, such as rusting, water leakage, seepage and explosion. There is more and more odors in the house. So how do we choose the globe valves? First of all, we should choose the light cut-off valve to reduce the construction. Good heat resistance, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance. Good corrosion resistance, all the ions in the water and the chemical substances in the building do not play a chemical role, no rust will not corrode. The pipe resistance is small, and it is not easy to scale. The pipe fittings are firmly linked and have good heat melting properties. The pipes and fittings of the same material can be tightly connected into a whole to eliminate the hidden danger of leakage of water. Finally, it is required to choose the cut-off valve of sanitary pollution-free green building materials, and the waste can be recycled.

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