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Check Valve Principle And Characteristics Introduced

- Dec 14, 2017 -

When the outlet valve is opened, the water pump starts, and the water supply reaches a certain pressure. The valve disc of the air return check valve rises to a certain height under the action of the feed water pressure, and pushes away from the valve seat, and the water supply flows out. At the same time as the rise of valve, drive the connecting rod to rotate, toggle an air vent valve, the valve blade recirculation moved downward, closing an air vent. When the water flow rate is reduced, the valve disc falls, pushing the connecting rod to open the emptying valve plate, and opening the recirculation door to maintain the minimum flow rate of the pump. When the pump is stopped, the valve automatically drops down and closes the channel of the valve to prevent the damage of the water hammer water supply system of high pressure.

Check valve structure features:

1. The check valve works with the recirculating bypass valve to maintain the safe operation of the system.

2, the main valve flap moves up and down. When the medium is backwards, it closes the channel under the action of medium pressure and spring. At this point, the bypass valve opens, and the bypass valve closes when the main valve is fully opened.

3. The valve seal is made of stainless steel. It is wear-resistant, anti bruising and reliable.

4, the valve should be installed vertically.

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