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Those gate features you do not know

- Dec 14, 2017 -

1, the gate valve has two sealing surfaces. The common form of the two sealing surfaces is to form a wedge, and the angle of the wedge is different according to the different parameters of the valve. The wedge type gate valve is also called a rigid gate, which can be a whole. It can also make the gate for micro deformation, and it can be deformed because the spring is placed in the gate, which makes up for the deviation of the seal angle and improves the manufacturability during the processing. The gate is also called the elastic gate.

2, the sealing surface can only be sealed by the medium pressure. When the gate valve is closed, that is to say, under the action of medium pressure, the gate seal surface is pressed to the other side valve seat, which can ensure that the sealing surface is strong and sealed, and is also called self sealing. Most gate valves can not do this self sealing, only use the forced seal, it is necessary to rely on external force to force the gate pressure to the valve seat when the valve is closed.

3, the gate valve has a gate with the stem together as a straight motion called the lift gate valve. The lifting bar has trapezoidal thread, and the operation torque can be changed into operational thrust through the valve top nut and the upper guide slot of the valve body, that is, turn the rotational motion into a straight line motion.

4, when the valve is opened, if the valve plate lifting height is equivalent to the valve path, then the fluid channel will be fully open, but this position cannot be monitored at run time. The actual use should mark the vertex of the stem, which is the open position as a full open position

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