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The importance of check valve

- Dec 14, 2017 -

The check valve is the basic component of the fluid control engineering and is widely used in the social production. By stopping the flow of fluid, the check valve plays a role in controlling the direction of the fluid medium and protecting the safety of the pipeline. The check valve is usually operated automatically, and the valve disc is opened under the action of medium pressure in a direction. When the medium flows backward, the valve will return to the seat due to the pressure of the medium and the self weight of the disc, so that the fluid will be cut off.

The performance of the check valve has a direct impact on the whole engineering system, and it can prevent the impact of the reflux of high pressure water on the pump impeller. If the pump does not export loaded check valve, high pressure water pump will reverse flow back, the water pump impeller at high pressure have a reverse impact, the impact load of impeller of water under pressure, and other parts will be loose or damaged, when the pump is running again, may cause the impeller to fly, very dangerous.

The importance of check valves can not be ignored. Especially in the boiler hot water system and solar water heater system, if hot water is reflued to the pipeline, it will cause serious injury to PVC material pipes, and even endanger personal safety.

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