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The advantages and disadvantages of the globe valve and related precautions

- Dec 14, 2017 -

The cut-off valve, also called the door, is the most widely used as a valve. The valve opening and closing parts are plug shaped valve, sealing surface flat or cone, fluid along the centerline of the valve for linear motion. Today, we mainly explain the advantages and disadvantages of the cut-off valve and the attention to the installation and maintenance.

The first cut-off valve has its advantages of 1. simple structure, convenient maintenance and production. 2. good sealing performance, and the friction in the sealing surface is also small, long service life. 3. work is small, and the time of opening and closing is short. The drawback is that 1. because the resistance of the fluid is great, it takes a lot of energy to turn on and off. 2. poor adjustment performance 3. is not suitable for the medium with particles, large viscosity, easy to coke.

The cut-off valve also needs to be paid attention to these 3 points during installation and maintenance, and the 1. hand wheel and handle operated cut-off valves can be installed at any position of the pipe. 2. handwheel, handle and dynamic mechanism are not allowed to be hoisted. The flow of the 3. medium should be in accordance with the arrow direction of the valve body.

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