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Eccentric flange butterfly valve advantages

- Dec 14, 2017 -

First disassembly is simple

One stop valve manufacturers through rigorous calculation, eccentric flanged butterfly valve structure of scientific design, due to the eccentric flanged butterfly valve are installed in the pipeline on the size of the water flow channel regulation, so often need to remove or maintenance, the valve disassembly is simple, easy installation and easy disassembly and maintenance.

Second eccentricity structure, long life

According to the statistics of the butterfly valve butterfly valve manufacturers, mostly because of damage to the sealing ring damage Water Leakage leak, resulting in the butterfly valve structural damage force majeure; but the eccentric structure adopts eccentric flanged butterfly valve design can greatly reduce the internal friction of the sealing ring, resulting in its service life is greatly improved.

Third good seal

Butterfly valves play the role of regulating the flow, so its function is to control water. But as a connecting device, the most taboo is the leakage of water. This will not only play a water-saving function, but also will increase the cost burden after the leakage of water. And the manufacturer's reputable butterfly valve manufacturer produces eccentric flange butterfly valve, which is t butterfly valve, so the butterfly valve has excellent sealing ability and will not produce leakage.

Fourth weatherability

The eccentric flange butterfly valve produced by the butterfly valve manufacturer has long service life, besides its structural advantage, the material advantage is stronger. Its components are all weatherproof material, so it can adapt to different medium, different climate and temperature conditions.

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